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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM




WHO'S NEXT (2021 Fab Frosh)

     It seems like just yesterday when these were the "baby ballers".  Now the class of 2021 are all geared up to be impact players in high school.  This class (as was the 2019 class) has a higher than average level of talent and one could argue that collectively this class may even be better.  It's likely that more of these players will be significant varsity additions as freshmen than in recent classes and several have already received division one offers before even being officially enrolled in high school.  

Note: Many of the players are still listing their middle school as their current school.  NSP removes all middle school teams from rising freshmen and updates as new school information is received.



1) AZZI FUDD - Azzi entered the 2021 ranking as the top fourth grader and has continued to separate herself from the pack year after year.  At her current rate, it is highly unlikey that another player would even have the time to put in to challenge her for the top spot.


5) JAYLA ODEN - Jayla seems to improve each time we see her and has been on a constant up tick in the class rankings.

6) SAYLOR POFFENBARGER - NSP picked Saylor out of a crowd years ago on a small team at a little event feeling that she had major potential.  Her dominance at the Maryland Team Camp helped raise her top ten stock back up.

8) KAYLA THOMAS - Kayla went from project to prospect in just a year.  NSP is pleased with the behind the scenes work I'm seeing when walking in some private workouts.

As always, expect the rising freshman class to go through major refinement as fall leagues heat up.   Varsity and JV placement will also have some impact on rankings when related to the strength of team.  Players who's high school teams aren't updated by mid-season will see a dip in the rankings with some moved to the database.  Good luck to the newest high school crop of players.

NSP 2021 Rankings


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