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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM


Franchise Players (Future Locks)

Franchise Players (Future Locks


     For years Next Sports Phenom has been in the business of identifying prospects early.  We have seen players that have developed into All Americans and All Conference players in college and have seen players with promise fizzle out and not reach their potential.  This part one segment is to tell it straight, what players are locked in for future stardom, what players should you get to know immediately.  Hype, media proproganda, fake promotion will only get you so far and and manufactured rankings don't mean a thing once they hit campus.  Many coaches have been bit by the hype only to be disappointed after using one of their fifteen on a player that may never see the floor.  No one wins when this happens as coaches get stuck with players that they over recruited and players spend four years of misery to get their scholarship.  On the flip side there are some that coaches that find those hidden gyms early.  The right player can change a coaches season or even a career.  This list is broken down from players that you absolutely need to get on board with immediately to players that you should keep an eye on. 

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