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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM




St. John's College vs Bishop O'Connell

Feb 13, 2018

     Two of the top four teams in the WCAC square off in a 2 versus 4 matchup.   St. John's College (12-1) are eyeing the number one spot in an anticipated rematch with Paul VI (13-1), while Bishop O'Connell (11-5) seeks to gain ground on Bishop McNamara (10-4) a team that they've beaten previously.  This game is important as the playoffs draw nearer.  In an ironic twist the latter teams play each other tonight as well.

     The game started off with SJC getting back to back baskets by freshman and NSP Player of the Month Azzi Fudd.  O'Connell responded with a bucket by senior Shawn Mills but the trading of baskets if the first quarter was 2 to 1 as the Cadets led 24-12 after the first period.  Fudd led the Cadets with 14 of the 24 points while the Knights were led by senior Bre Prepignan with 6 points.

     The second quarter was scoreless for the first couple of minutes before Prepignan scored on a layup.  Fudd headed to the bench for a breather and sophomore Maikia Simmons hit a three and the Knights were in business.  Unfortunately SJC had other players read to go sophomore Carley Rivera being one knocked down a couple of 3-pointers junior Alex Cowen knocked down a 3 of her own.  junior Anna Hovis scored 3 in the half and did some tough work on the boards for the Knights before Fudd return to knock down a couple of 3's just before the half giving St. John's a 45-22 lead at the break.

     The opened the second half with a 14-0 run.  Fudd, Rivera, senior Sydney Wood and sophomore Malu Tshitenge-Mutumbo all contributed in the run.  Around midway in the period both teams went heavily to their benches and SJC to a 67-30 lead into the fourth quarter.

The final period was an opportunity to get younger players some game experience and starters some rest.  Although O'Connell showed some flashes the night belonged to St. John's winning 80-42.


S. Wood 12
A. Scott 5
A. Fudd 34
C. Rivera 9
M. Tshitegne-Mutumbo 7
A. Cowen 3
K. Jenkins 5
P. Dour 3
M. Roldan 2
J. Roberts 1
Z. Vidaurre 3


S. Mills 8
M. Leverone 2
M. Simmons 5
A. Hayashi 1
S. Woods 2
A. Lee 4
M. Polise 5
B. Prepignan 8
A. Hovis 7


Update: McNamara def Paul VI

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