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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM







     As the high school season draws near club and AAU team directors are on their grind looking to secure players and complete their rosters.  Some are seeking out or looking to maintain some of the areas top players to remain competitive in their league play, some are looking to gather players that need an opportunity to play competitively in the off-season in order to obtain a college scholarship.  Most programs and coaches truly have a heart for the kids and the game.  Most have either played competitively, have or had a kid in the game or just had a liking for the game for years.  With the commitment involved in the game you have to have a passion for it.  Most AAU and Club organizations in the DMV and around the country create opportunities for kids, giving them hope to play at the next level and get a free education that can open doors for their future.  The DMV area is saturated with teams, some are established programs with reputable leaders and a track record of placing kids in a position to showcase their skills in front of college coaches, others are pop-up programs that are trying to create avenues for kids that may not have had the red carpet thrown at them, either way it is a competitive world in spring/summer girls basketball.  Next Sports Phenom (NSP) has been operating independently for six years.  NSP offers a service to the DMV community that provides an outlet for kids to promote their accomplishments and talents through articles, video postings, showcases, message boards, game streaming and creating a conduit for players to connect with college coaches.  NSP is both a media and NCAA compliant scouting service and has never solicited money or favors from any player, team or organization in exchange for rankings consideration as Mr. Hildreth has claimed, write ups or assistance with getting into a college and I challenge anyone to say that they can come up with a single instance ever to the contrary.  NSP's rankings have been a mainstay of the website, each player ranked has an evaluation attached to it and each player is updated several times a year as they are seen.  Players that have not been seen recently will be ranked based on past evaluations, therefore as players improve it is recommended that they either participate in an event that NSP is attending, send video of their games or invite NSP out to your game, event or practice to be reevaluated.  Many players and coaches do such and videos are a great tool as they are added to the players evaluation page for college coaches to see.

     This brings me to the topic of the blog, their are a select few that are in it for selfish reasons, maybe to build up their own egos, perhaps to build up their financial portfolio off the backs of parents or maybe it's the thrill they get for being around teenaged girls.  Rob Hildreth of a local AAU program actions have shown that he may fit the build.  NSP understands that the business of putting a quality team together can be cut throat and club directors need to be head hunters at times because if you don't have a farm system for players to come up in and develop you're forced to steal players from other programs from year to year, the issue is in the tactic that you use in attempting to gather players.  Mr. Hildreth's noted weapon of choice to gather players has included bad mouthing, bullying and intimidation tactics.  Among some of the accusations and slandering that Mr. Hildreth has been documented for is his accusations that 1) NSP's rankings and site have been influenced by a top ranked WCAC program,  2) NSP's rankings and site have been influenced by a local Nike sponsored program.  Mr. Hildreth seems to have a serious personal problem with the family of a top ranked NSP player, the local Nike team, top ranked WCAC team, a local Blue Star representative and NSP.  Even though multiple players from his team's are consistently ranked in the top 10 by NSP each year, Mr. Hildreth becomes enraged with the NSP rankings if his player is not ranked number one and tries to intimidate NSP demanding that his kids be removed from the site.  It is a great accomplishment when a player gets a college scholarship and there are many people involved that helped throughout the process.  It is a shame and misleading to parents for anyone to claim total responsibility for a kid's scholarship offer that she was going to get anyway no matter what organization she played for.  It is also not a good practice to limit a kids options by filtering them to and away from college programs without their knowledge.  I have personally aided in assisting former players of the local AAU team kids in obtaining a scholarship, a few of which Mr. Hildreth abandoned after finding out they were not being recruited.  

     NSP has never told a player or their families what program they should or should not play for.  NSP has not spoken with any representative from the WCAC or Nike in any length in over a year so the reasoning for NSP to be the topic of any organization's hate mail is invalid.  NSP will continue to operate as a media entity solely funded by the owner and will never accept bribes.  Parents can choose on their own who to play for and NSP will continue to cover and rank all players in the DMV regardless of organization affiliation.  Finally, there are multiple ways to be seen, if NSP or any of it's contributors doesn't view you via game, video or practice you cannot be updated in the rankings.  


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