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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM


2017 FAB FROSH CAMP (Day 2)

2017 FAB FROSH CAMP (Day 2)

2017 FAB FROSH CAMP (Day 2)

Day 2:  The day started of a little different from the prewritten schedule as players went into various stations and were then brought back together for several announcements.  One important announcement was a new sponsorship that the camp received from Big Fly Aviation who surprised the campers informing them that they would be providing lunch and allowing the kids to visit their facility to check out a couple of their private jets.  The morning games were pushed back to the evening and the kids found themselves with about 20 minutes of downtime as things were being put in place for the lunch trip.  The free time started off as a light shoot around and erupted into an impromptu all out dunk contest involving Wesley Peterson Jr, James Gross, Terrence Butler Jr, Drissa Traore, Jayden Ballard, Jakai Robinson and Victory Naboya who all showcased a variety of windmill slams and two handed dunks.  The show which was surrounded by 80% of the campers ended with 6'8" "Vic" Naboya jumping over the 6'2" James Gross for a rim rocking slam.

After lunch, experienced guest speakers addressed the campers to share wisdom about character and working hard to achieve your goals.  It was then time for the games to begin.  As rosters were still unavailable NSP focused his attention on players that either were already known or previously stood out during the dunk fest and was asked their name directly.  Peterson and Gross were on the same team and provided more aerial theatrics during their games.  Traore and Naboya both being 6'8" were the camps tallest players and having similar frames controlled the paint for their teams.  NSP would have loved to see a head to head between the two and maybe it will happen on Day 3, stay tuned.  Jakia Robinson fresh off of a MVP Pitt Jam Fest performance last week was very aggressive on the boards looking to score on every possible opportunity.  Terrence Butler Jr, had a lot of buzz following him after a spectacular day 1 performance, followed it up with a solid Day 2.  NSP will look to add more names for Day 3 if rosters are available, if not I will try my best to get names with the door to door method.  Announcement of the Top 20 and Top 40 teams are expected to be announced on Day 3 as well, it should be an exciting and fun day of basketball.

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