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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM




2018 Public vs Private Challenge

Sponsored by 695 Hoops
Baltimore, MD


    The 5th Annual Public vs Private Challenge was a huge success.  40 teams, 20 games, 3 courts in 1 day.  The event featured a good mix of top level public and private schools along with teams that may not be labled as top but were just simply fun to watch.  Al Schell, president of 695 Hoops hosts a unique opportunity for teams from public schools to challenge private school teams to answer a long standing debate that arises year after year, "who's better, public schools or private schools? 

     Conventional wisdom would say that the private schools would have a clear advantage over public schools since publics are bound by zoning restrictions with their rosters.  The public schools usually have to rely on "luck of the draw" when getting in talented players and hope year to year that they can keep the players that they have.  The Public vs Private Challenge shows us that conventional wisdom can be thrown out of the window and preconcieved notions are challenged as the publics and privates have played to a virtual draw in the previous years of the event.  As a product of the public school system and a lover of the underdog, I root for the publics in this challenge, however, for this year's challenge the privates are sporting a couple of national top 10 teams and about 10 locally ranked teams.  On paper this year figured to be a rough outing for "public nation", fortunately the games are not played on paper but on the court.  There are quite a few very good tournaments in the DMV during the winter, however, none are quite like this one matching polar opposites, only Al Schell could pull off something like this and Next Sports Phenom was happy to spend the day at the Baltimore host school McDonogh to witness the 5th Annual Public vs Private School Challenge.

     Normally the debate continues well beyond the showcase as the public and private schools finish in a vitual tie.  This year, however, the private schools showed their dominance winning 75% (15 of 20*) of the games.

     Free parking, $10 admission, plenty of college coaches and a full day of basketball excitement in one building and 695hoops.com once again hosted one of the top events around and the only of it's kind for girls basketball in the country. 


Old Mill 49, Mt. Desales 36
 Wise 52St. John's Catholic 47
Institute of Notre Dame 50, New Town 24
Roland Park 50, Western 46
Bishop McNamara 70, Catonsville 54 
Howard 64, John Carroll 51
McDonogh 67, Long Reach 32
National Christian Academy 51, Poly 42
 Mercy 43, Forest Park 34
 St. James 42, Franklin 40 
 St. Mary's Ryken 55, Milford Mill 17
 South River 45, Maryvale 40
 Rock Creek Christian Academ 82, Eleanor Roosevelt 53
 St. Vincent Pallotti 50, Pikesville 48 
 Archbishop Spalding 47, Mt. Carmel 33
 City College 53, Garrison Forest 26
Gerstell 43, Friendly 26
Coppin Academy 55, Timothy's 52  Overtime 
St. Andrew's Episcopal 34, Notre Dame Prep 29
Westlake 55, St. Paul's 43
St. Mary's 57, Glen Burnie 3

2018 All Tournament Team from 695hoops.com

Emoni Barbar, Friendly  Sydney Faulcon, Old Mill
Destiny Galloway, Old Mill Katelyn Parker, Wise
Kayla Cooper, St. John's Abby Kuhn, Mt. De Sales
La'Shyra Williams, IND Eniya Russell, IND
Mir Mclean, Roland Park Vashae Rideout, Western
Ja'Niah Henson, Roland Park Makenzie Pollard, Western
Jasmine Dickey, Catonsville Jakia Brown-Turner, Bishop McNamara
Christina McPhail, Bishop McNamara Taylor Addison, Howard
Marisa Sanchez Henry, Howard Jordan Wakefield, John Carroll
Jessica Booth, McDonogh Taleah Dixon, McDonogh
Lyric Swann, Long Reach Zenele Vital, National Christian Academy
Promise Cunningham, National Christian Academy Nakiyah Johnson, Forest Park
Brashae Rice, Poly Crista Bartlett, St. James
Jillian Wilson, Gerstell Dominique Doss, Franklin
Jasmine Franklin, Mercy Jakayla Brown, St. Mary's Ryken
Ashlyn Burrows, South River Molly Mcaleer, Maryvale
Daija Blake, Milford Mill Taleah Washington, Rock Creek Christian Academy
Sonia Smith, Rock Creek Christian Academy Taysha Bender, Spalding
Taylor McCormick, Eleanor Roosevelt Mya Henson, City College
Jania Hall, Pallotti Nia Cowling, Garrison Forest
Anani Humprhey, Pallotti  Shanysee Alexander, Mt. Carmel
Kayla Jackson, Pikesville Kayla Henderson, Coppin Academy
Jasmine Gholson, Westlake Dura Tasman, St. Timothy's
Tylea Galloway, Coppin Academy Ali Mikaele, St. Andrew's
Destiny Ryles, St. Paul's Nicki Swam, Notre Dame Prep
Whitney Albert, St. Mary's  Tierra Harris, Glen Burnie 





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