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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM





A Bright Future for the DMV

Our Lady of Good Counsel
Olney, Maryland
November 4, 2017

Saladin Reese of Serious Hoops brought together 23 of the top area middle school teams and 12 local and national scouting services to check out all of the action.  Yours truly Tink Butler from Next Sports Phenom was joined by All Star Girls Report, 695 Hoops, NYG Hoops, ESPN Hoopgurlz/Collegiate Girls Scouting Report, Blue Star Media, Elite Girls Basketball AA Showcase, G'Thing, Pass Report, Skill Over politics and Rites of Passage Showcase. 

The 20 minute round robin format has been used before with high school scrimmage tournaments and college team camp, but the concept was a first to my knowledge for middle school teams.  There was a lot of good stuff that other events can borrow from this such as nice facilities, three official games, starting on time and accurate rosters to begin the day, throw in food and concessions catered by Black Love Catering and the this was looking to be a great day.

     Having logistics in order is important, but without talent on the court you really can't have a great event.  Lucky for those in attendance there was an abundance of talent to be seen.  There were two courts and the action was constant from the opening tap until the final buzzer.  Game after game showcased some of the top players in the area and with many middle school class rankings still in flux, this was a great opportunity for many of these players to make names for themselves.  Below is a list of standouts that caught the eye of Next Sports Phenom with a snipett of what made them special.     

Jamboree MVP

Although there wasn't an official MVP award handed out NSP felt that Rice was the best player in the building.  At 5'9" she has the size already to be a division one level guard in college.  The Germantown Lady Panthers have a winner with Kiki who potentially can be one of the best players to come out of Montgomery County.  She was excellent at navigating through traffic and getting to the basket and finished well after contact.  Her shot had good elevation and was accurate from deep.  She made good decisions in transition pushing the ball quickly while staying under control.   

All Jamboree Team

KAYLA DIXON - PV Vouges - 2023 
Kayla had a great day and showed that she is one of the top players in the 2023 class.  She has a good nose for finding the ball.  She attacks the basket well and finishes in transition. 

DAKOTA JONES - Maryland Lady Finest - 2022
Dakota has good vision and a knack for finding open players off the dribble.  She makes others better and can knock down open shots from outside.

MIA SMITH - 1 On None - 2022
Mia has a good body.  She navigates the lane well driving through traffic for layups. Her athleticism make difficult plays look easy.

KENDALL DUDLEY - Maryland Belles - 2024
Kendall more than held her own against older competition.  She is long with a good looking shot, has range and finishes well at the basket.  She was one of the top players of the day and in the class. 

FIONA HASTICK - PV Vouges - 2022
Strong fundamentally sound post that has good use of the glass and passes well out of the post.  Good finisher with contact.

SYDNEY HUSKEY - Frederick's Finest - 2024
At a listed 4'9" Sydney plays hard and didn't back off of any challenge on the day.

ANGELA HARRIS - Germantown Lady Panthers - 2022
Despite her small frame, Angela is a physical point guard that isn't shy attacking and finishing against bigger players

PARIS LOCKE - Fairfax Stars Baltimore - 2023
Paris has good mobility for a post and is able to put the ball on the floor to start the break and attacks physically in the lane.

Lyndsey has a good outside shot and can also get to the basket and finish keeping defenders guessing her next move.

MALORIE UPPERMAN - Tranzition Queenz - 2022
Aggressive guard with good handles and the ability to create her own shot off the dribble.

ANGELA NNABUE - 1 On None - 2022
Angela has good size at the point, her vision on the court makes her one of the best passers in the area.  She rebounds well for a guard.

JOIMARIE WILLIAMS - Fairfax Stars - 2023
Solid point guard with 3 point range.  Plays well off the dribble.

AMAYA MOORE - Maryland Lady Tigers - 2023
Good mid range shot.

YONTA VAUGHN - Team Sol - 2022
Yonta is an advanced dribbler with good vision.  She has the quickness to beat most defenders with her first step.  She finishes plays after getting to the basket.

GABBY SCOTT - Germantown Lady Panthers - 2022
Gabby uses her length well to be disruptive blocking shots.  She has a pretty good shot from the wing. 

NY'CEARA PRYOR - Power Move - 2022
Ny'cera is a talented point guard that's good at beating pressure.  She has good vision seeing plays before it develops.

JALYN BROWN - Lady Prime Marissa Coleman - 2022
Jaylyn has a tremendous upside.  At nearly 6' she is long and very athletic and can play any perimeter position.

TYE QUEEN - Maryland Shooting Stars - 2022
Tye uses her body well to shield off defenders and finish.

ANDE'A CHERISIER - Maryland Belles - 2023
Ande'a has a good body.  She's strong and physical inside and finished well.

NIA GRIMES - Fairfax Stars - 2023
Nia showed a good mid range shot off of the dribble.

GRACE AMOLIE - NOVA 94 Feet - 2022
Grace finishes well in traffic.  Good twin combination sister Alayna.

ALAYNA AMOLIE - NOVA 94 Feet - 2022
Alayna plays under control when being pressured.  She attacks the basket well.  Sister Grace.

MALAKA COBB - TEK Lady Elite - 2023
Malaka competed well attacking the basket against many of the classes top players.  She finishes well after contact.

REGINA WALTON - Maryland Lady Finest - 2022
Regina is good at finding gaps to get in the lane.  She attacks and finishes high against much taller defenders.

MIA GRAY - Maryland Lady Tigers - 2024
Always impressed with point guards playing up especially when they can control the pace on the court and handle pressure.  Mia did well at both.

RAYLIN HARRELL - NOVA 94 Feet - 2023 
Raylin has good control in transition.

AGEIRA FRAZIER - Frederick's Finest - 2023
Lefty guard with a pretty good jump shot when open.

KENNEDY CLIFTON - Team Takeover - 2022
Kennedy showed off a quick first step while playing at a speed and pace ahead of the others on the court.  Very good at attacking the basket.

LAURYN ANDERSON - Maryland Lady Shooting Stars - 2023
A Good shooter.  Lauryn showed the ability to knock down shots from deep.

MADISEN MCDANIEL - Team Takeover - 2024
Madisen was one of the younger players coming in as a 6th grader but she had no lack of skill.  Her dribbling and shooting are well above grade level.

ALYSSA COSTIGAN - Vouges - 2022
Alyssa is a tall active wing that has good body control to finish contested shots in the paint.

MADISON NIMO - Lady Prime Marissa Coleman - 2022
Very skilled guard with a good shot.

SAMMERA SMITH - Team Sol - 2022
Sammera dribbles and was able to penetrate the lane pretty much whenever she wanted.

Jenesis is fast, she uses her quickness and ball handling well to attack.

KYOMI MCMILLER - Team Sol - 2024
A cameo appearance by the top 2024 player was impressive.  Seems a if Kyomi has been playing elite level basketball since she started walking.  It was good seeing her on the court with peers closer to her age.  High level skills on both ends.

GABRIELLE JOHNSON - Power Move - 2022
Gabrielle has a good change of direction move that she excecutes on a dime.  She used it well to attack the floor in transition.

TANIYAH LAWSON - Lady Prime Marissa Coleman - 2022
Taniyah is a great athlete with a good outside shot and good first step.

MARIAN TURNBULL - Team Takeover - 2022
Marian has a complete skillset.  Her shot has nice form and she dribbles really well.  She showed unselfishness repeatedly finding open teammates.

ABBY COOCH - NOVA 94 Feet - 2023
Abby seems to have a good feel for the game, aware of what's going on and makes good plays.

We can say that Serious Hoops Middle School Girls Basketball Showcase Jamboree has joined the ranks of 695 Hoops GMSS, She Got Game's Middle School Combine, Rites of Passage Showcase and NSP's Jr All American Camp as events that are propelling middle school players into the basketball spotlight.  With the amount of talent in the area we must embrace and support all events that come and help to promote our kids.  Thanks to all who've came out to support and stay tuned for NSP's newest ranking updates starting next week.